Monday, June 25, 2007

Fluff post/Summer weather

I hate summers...Always have...Always will. The fact that I have lived my entire life to date in urban environments with weather extremes in both temperature and humidity just makes it worse.

I love the idleness summer affords me. I hate any manifestation of weather above 85 degrees.

I love wearing sandals. I hate anyone who thinks flip-flops are appropriate outside a shower or a beach.

I love wearing pretty summer frocks. I hate the fact the summer heat is an excuse to stop looking at oneself in the mirror - are your boobs falling out of that tank top? Then you need a bra. If I can see your asscheeks, then your skirt is too short. White is NOT an attractive colour on everyone, no matter what your mother might have told you. Oh, and sir? We are not in Miami. Swim trunks are definitely something you wear UNDER your pants.

I love cold air blowing from an airconditioner. I hate the fact that I need one for 2 months out of the year.

I love the ocean. I hate sunbathing. Also, I hate the idea of driving over two hours to hang out at my favourite beach.

I love the smell of summer, especially early in the morning, when the city is just starting to warm up, and there is a gentle breeze, and freshness that is left over from the dew, and sometimes, if the wind is just right, you can smell the ocean. Tomsk and Boston smell the same in the summer, minus the ocean part. I hate exhaust and the unnatural heat rising from the hot hot hot pavement, and you can't find release in the shade because would it have hurt anyone to plant some fucking trees along the major streets? I know Siberia is utterly provincial, but the city planners there actually believed in green spaces ALONG the streets, not just "well, we've got the Emerald Necklace, why would we want more greenery" bullshit.

I love being able to do outdoorsy things (in moderation.) I hate The Red Sox.

I love seasonal fruit and veg. I hate cooking anything in above-85-degree weather.

I love my new mani and pedi. I can't believe I went 31 years without ever setting foot into a nail salon. I feel I have missed out on a great sector of the service industry - who else will massage your feet for mere $20? Actually, today I had the following things massaged - feet, legs, hands, back (it was a vibrating chair thingy) and scalp (haircut, weirdos) - which were all great, unless you are creeped out by people you don't know at all taking physical liberties with your body.

I also love my new imitation Kate Spade bag, which happens to match my new tank-top, completely unintentionally.

Like I said, a fluff post.


riese said...

I feel the same way. I also hate the hot weather, especially the heat rising off the streets and making trash stink. Also, I hate people who wear clothes where they may as well be naked. I guess there's really not a whole lot I like about summer. Tank tops. I like tank tops.

TMB said...

This is a beautiful post. Also, I like when people wear clothes even when they should be naked. Cause ... I don't wanna see all their excess really. It's like self-PDA. Public Display of Affection of Self.

Anyway, glad there're things you love.