Monday, January 26, 2009

More experiments in furnishings

Before: slightly outdated, sometime eaten by a small canine who pulled the stuffing out, and very very very dirty.


Unfortunately, red is a very hard colour to photograph, so you can't see the fine woven detail on the fabric. It's also more crimson and less tomato in real life. BUT it also attracts lint like crazy - I must have lint-brushed it 20 times while I was working.

As a bonus, when I took the previous upholstery off, I discovered the fabric was a sheet. Just a regular ol' flat sheet. Needless to say, not the best material for upholstery.

While the chair hung out in my apartment, the cats have adopted it, and often used it as a two-tier cat seat - one on the seat, the other under. They also got very sad when the chair went away. So I've been scouring Craigslist for a cheap chair to bring back for the felines, but to no avail - all the cheap ones have really bad lines.

Feline Angst

LK and I are owned by two bossy felines, one of which is a terror to both humans and cats, and the other usually is a very peaceful individual. I've been privy to some weird canine behaviors lately, and while the stories are amusing, I don't generally think of our cats as especially destructive. I mean, look at him, isn't he a perfect portrait of calm?

His name is Miles, by the way, and this is how he looks when he is very tired:

And this is what he does when he does not like being left alone for 18 hours (or so):

If you look closely, the napkins are not just strewn all over the floor, but they are also eaten in the corners - almost every single one is chewed up. While Miles is an expert at eating paper - just in the last two days, he took bites out of a bill for car repair, a Postal Office receipt, and an Inaugural edition of the Boston Globe - we try to keep as much paper out of his reach as possible.

Therefore it did not occur to me to hide a *closed* plastic container of napkins on a kitchen counter. Every day I thank heavens he is not a larger feline...