Wednesday, July 4, 2007

DEATH Explanation

I was trying to decide if I should publish the last 5 posts, and thought it a bit ridiculous to write and then not do anything with it. So just in case, gentle readers - I am fine. Just having a bad reaction to a mediocre novel, like a hangover of sorts. And once again, please read in Roman Numeral order, because clearly I suck at top posting.


TMB said...

These Death posts are really intense, my friend. All I have to say is ... rock on ...

And where's ak? She's your girlfriend, right? Hmm. Maybe that's another Ani. Anyway, tell her TMB says hello and is in love with her. Though I have a fiancee.

You guys rock.

ANI said...

TMB: you already know where LK is. her comments on your blog(s) are also intense. i AM the correct Ani. i am reading another book about death, it's apparently an addiction i can't stop. and thanks for reading my blog, i appreciate it.