Sunday, July 8, 2007


And since I am posting pics left and right, this is from July 4th. It was raining, but the Boston fireworks are the best in the country, as far as I am concerned. And fireworks make me happy.


Crystal said...

These pictures are beautiful. I wish we had more in Australia - we used to have fireworks every friday night in Sydney - but now insurance companies charge too much, so no one can be bothered. Which is a shame, because I think everyone should have access to frequent fireworks. They're so... happy.

ANI said...

Thank you, this is the ONLY reason I like 4th of July. I understand how dangerous pyro is, but forgoing fireworks because of insurance premiums is stupid. Oh well. We have New Year's fireworks downtown too, and those get to happen twice - at 7 pm for the kiddies and then at midnight for adults. I've never seen fireworks until I came to the States, so it's become one of those things I really treasure.