Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Police Part I

As the entire universe should know, The Police were playing Fenway Park tonight. LK and I have tix for tomorrow night, and as we live within a stone's throw of said park, we thought we'd enjoy the concert remotely, as a little preview. There was some question as to whether or not the torrential rains that knocked out our power will allow for the concert to go on, but by 6 pm all was well.

We went out to dinner, and as we were passing behind the Green Monster on our way back home, the ethereal voice of Gordon Sumner (aka Sting) filled the entire neighborhood. It was seriously akin to G_d speaking to you about being "wrapped around your finger." I have this T-shirt from the last Sting concert we attended that says "There is no religion but Sex and Music", and it felt quite to the point.

We stopped to listen, and stayed for the rest of the set. Right before the encore, we noticed a limo cortege pulling up to Gate C, which is right at the edge of the stage. The same limos with police escort we saw at 6 pm entering the park. Hmm, coincidence? We walked over, parked ourselves on the sidewalk, and our patience was rewarded. The band exited the stage right out of Gate C after the last song, and Sting stopped and (very consciously and exuberantly) waved at the fans (us and maybe 50 or so others) right before getting into the vehicle. He was shirtless. And hot.
Andy and Stewart were right behind. Lots of screaming ensued, much of it from women AND men standing around us. The van pulled out of the gate, and all 3 members of the band actively waved at us as they passed.

I am not a celebrity stalker. Celebrity doesn't really phase me. I find most celebrities to be as flawed (and maybe more) as the rest of us, and respect their privacy. I also fully realize that what makes them a celebrity is a talent in a particular field, just as the we all talented in our own, not quite as glamorous, fields. But as Sting was standing by the side of the van, LK turned to me and said "Ok, I am straight right now." And I wholeheartedly agreed. If I was alive during the height of Beatlemania, I would have been one of those girls waiting hours for the band to arrive/depart. As it is, we will thoroughly enjoy ourselves tomorrow night.

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