Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I am too tired/exhausted/distracted to blog about all the things I really want to talk about.

I am also considering blogging more frequently but shorter - going for quality, you know?

Of course, the minute my season actually starts, there will be zero time for such games.


So anyway, JT, you know? He definitely brought sexy back. There was LOTS of simulated sex in the stage show. Of course, I didn't photograph it. So we will have to rely on blurry flickr pics courtesy of midnightlounge.

Why am I showing you a picture of his tour bus? Because we could hardly get to the train following the concert due to the crowds of girls waiting outside the Garden next to above bus. I decided we did not need a JT sighting in a crowd of screaming 12-year-olds.

I thought we would lose our hearing completely during
the show. The noise that 20,000 females under 25 can produce can quite possibly shatter glass, and definitely hurt human eardrums. They screamed so much that in the encore, JT couldn't help but remark that we are definitely the loudest audience he has ever heard (and I would hazard he says that to ALL his fans, but he kept cracking up and not being able to sing, which made it more believable) which of course spurred another 30 seconds of screaming.

This is him during the encore. He rocked on the slow songs. The sound was clear, the instrumentation perfect, the stage show very spectacular.

BTW, is there a trick to posting pics on Blogger that DOESN'T always top-post, or am I just retarded? I am sooo tired of dragging pictures down...

But the screaming girls? The first half of the show was virtually useless - you couldn't hear anything because of the screaming. Sure, there was cool choreography going on, and special effects, but the whole effect was a bit disconnected.

Once they started playing with the screens more, the crowd calmed a bit. It didn't help to constantly repeat "Hello Boston!!!" on Justin's part, as that just wound girls up even more.

You know how I talked about a UFO at the Police Concert? Well, there was one here too. A circular truss came down center stage to right above JTs head (I can't remember the song though, I was too fascinated by the truss), it was hung with probs 12 moving lights and shining red everywhere. The truss then pivoted about 60 degrees, and began rotating about its center.

I am not explaining this very well, but it was something like having a giant angled halo rotate around your head, you know? Here's a picture of the rig before that stuff came down (the white downspot is shining from that halo):

There was also a half-time show. You heard me right. Timbaland came out and rapped for 30 minutes or so. It was awesome rapping, with a video on the screens, incorporating samples from famous singers that were synced with the videos (including Aalyia (sp?)) And I don't care a whit about rap, so that's saying a lot.

I guess JT needed the rest from all that dancing (and not too much singing, I am afraid). Justin had four back-up singers - the men were built like houses - and the back-up is what did most of the singing. The audience contributed quite a bit as well.

Plus, the stage was shaped like an oval with random appendages, creating a true "theatre in the round" experience. And the choreo for the set was very even about how much time JT spent with every section of the audience. For the above slow songs on the piano, the piano platform slowly rotated around. So you can imagine how much running around was to be had.

Where it says "137" on the diagram - that's where we were. "Premium Club Seating" - it was kinda cool, being on a level of the arena that had private bars and things that the "General Public" is not privvy to.

I kept thinking about the fact that his singers were African-American, his dancers all white (except one sorta-Latina chick), there was an all-white 6-piece string ensemble, and the rest of the band - you guessed it - black. I don't know what the conclusion of this observation is.

Overall effect - mixed. The stage show was definitely the most lavish I've seen. The dancing was amazing. The singing - not so much, which is a shame, since JT CAN sing, you know? But I've learned a giant lesson - 12-year-old girls are a force to be reckoned with, and I NEVER wish to be surrounded my them en masse.

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