Monday, August 20, 2007

Travel Tips

I am ripping off SFGate here, but it's precious:

Travel Tips for those behaviourally challenged when abroad

Although I am a little confused as to why you can't have your hands in your pockets in Russia. I've never observed that to be a huge problem. But overall, Russians don't put hands in pockets unless it's January and you lost your mittens.

My favourite thing on the list is:

In Uruguay, don't tell people you're enjoying your stay in Paraguay. (Similar rules apply for Sweden and Switzerland, Slovakia and Slovenia, Niger and Nigeria, Macedonia and Mesopotamia.)"

Also, it should also be added "Never, in any country, wear shorts, white trainers, and a fanny pack..."

Do any of you have travel tips?


Crystal said...

I have a few travel tips.

1. Don't fly China Air. Affordable but combustible. [Was about to book a ticket to the USA with China Air... but then that plane blew up and now I'm reconsidering my options]

2. Texas: Wearing Cowboy hats will not really make you blend in with the locals.

3. Vatican City: Don't visit when the Pope is on his death bed, you'll never get out.

There are plenty more than these three, but I won't go on. Sometimes I feel like my whole life has been about learning from my travelling mistakes.

ANI said...

Thanks for the tips!

1. Don't fly Aeroflot as well.

2. Don't arrive in Texas in the middle of a hurricane with no place to stay.

Anna said...

Lol, these are great. I'm going to have to add:

- Never ever ever fly through Charles De Gaulle airport. They will treat you like a piece of gum on their shoe, and when you dare to complain (at the complaints kiosk!) they will condescendingly tell you that "this is a very big airport, you know." Um, yeah, lady, I'm coming from Manhattan. I've been to an airport before."

Hmm... rant over.

Also, speaking of Ptichye Moloko - I love that candy! My favorite Russian candies are the caramel/taffy "Korovki". But the Russian sweets I most often crave are "Zephirs" in dark chocolate - kind of like the Ptichye Moloko, but big and shaped like one of the domes on St. Basil's. Sadly I don't know any Russian stores in Philly and can only eat them when I visit my grandmother in Boston.