Sunday, September 2, 2007

Moving Day!!!

No, I am not moving. But anywhere between 20,000 and 50,000 students did yesterday and the day before.

For those of you not familiar with Boston, the entire city operates on the academic year. That also means that all leases begin on Sept 1st. Couple that with large numbers of freshmen moving into the city each year, a Red Sox game, and Labor Day weekend, and you've got yourself a giant clusterfuck.

This was the scene in front of my building yesterday:

Where those trucks are parked is National Parkland.

On this next picture, what you have to understand is that the lane of traffic from the guy in car forward is "created" curbside parking that takes up a lane of the four-lane street. And the rest of those cars - game traffic.

And a better angle on the U-Hauls:

It was hard to photograph trucks, because people thought I was going to report them somewhere or something, and started yelling at me.

When we were unlucky to move on this same weekend last year, we had to fight for double-parked spots with other people in the street. It was disgusting. There were people carrying possessions across four lanes of traffic.

Click here to see what happens EVERY summer because somebody doesn't understand the concept of 10' clearance. It's a very entertaining slide show.

I hate Sept 1st.

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