Sunday, October 21, 2007

Liveblogging Red Sox

I don't care about baseball. At all. So sue me. I guess I will never be a true Bostonian.


I can look into Fenway Park from my living room window. The window having been chosen for its proximity to work and affordability (the latter surely owing to the fact that no sane person would want to face a baseball park for a prolonged amount of time.)

And as it is the middle of the 8th inning, they are singing Sweet Caroline. And the Sox are winning. And there are literally hundreds of cops in the street, on horseback, on foot, and on bikes.

I doubt I will go to sleep anytime soon. When they win (and they will) I will take pics of the madness and update.

This level of sport fanaticism fascinates me, it really does.

Update at 11:30 - it's 6-2, bottom of the 8th, the madness is almost over/just beginning.
Update at 11:42 - it's 9-2.
Update at 11:46 - umm, it's 11-2.
11:57 - Red Sox had won the ALCS. Gotta go take some pics.

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