Sunday, August 24, 2008

Not terribly original

Another brief post on recycling of clothes. The first item was a misguided purchase a couple of years back that never got much wear. While it might look lovely and care-free on the mannequin, this shirt NEVER looked good on me.

So I turned it into a tank to be worn over another tank (since it's rather sheer...)

For the second item, I had a white button-down that belonged to my grandfather at some point. I don't think the man ever really wore it, but it had a couple of faded "Сделано в СССР" labels in it, so it was probably older than me. Polyester wears well. I had no desire for wearing a polyester-blend shirt too much, but I was inspired by Ms. Forty-Two Roads, in particular by the shirts she made from other shirts. I must say this top has been my absolute favourite past summer.

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