Monday, January 26, 2009

Feline Angst

LK and I are owned by two bossy felines, one of which is a terror to both humans and cats, and the other usually is a very peaceful individual. I've been privy to some weird canine behaviors lately, and while the stories are amusing, I don't generally think of our cats as especially destructive. I mean, look at him, isn't he a perfect portrait of calm?

His name is Miles, by the way, and this is how he looks when he is very tired:

And this is what he does when he does not like being left alone for 18 hours (or so):

If you look closely, the napkins are not just strewn all over the floor, but they are also eaten in the corners - almost every single one is chewed up. While Miles is an expert at eating paper - just in the last two days, he took bites out of a bill for car repair, a Postal Office receipt, and an Inaugural edition of the Boston Globe - we try to keep as much paper out of his reach as possible.

Therefore it did not occur to me to hide a *closed* plastic container of napkins on a kitchen counter. Every day I thank heavens he is not a larger feline...

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Anonymous said...

I love his little cross-eyed adorableness.