Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blurry Reasoning

I have a bizzare fascination with blurry photos. I always find them more mysterious, and often, more beautiful than their perfectly focused counterparts. Of course, there are many a time when a crisp image is absolutely necessary, but sometimes I miss the enigma of identifying objects through the blur, be it intentional or accidental.

I photograph every theatre show that I work on, ostensibly for portfolio purposes, although I had no need to share my portfolio with anyone for close to four years now. I find the documenting process fascinating, and my iPhoto is littered with an average of 100 shots per show, when I *might* use 2 to represent a particular production. I work on up to 15 shows a year - you do the math.

And when photographing the show, accidents happen. Not enough light or too much motion on stage being the most frequent culprits, I always end up with folders titled "BLUR". So I would like to share my most recent one, and maybe you too will be fascinated with blurry reality...

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LK said...

More. I suggest you re-theme your blog to "A Stranger Within the Blur."