Monday, May 31, 2010

Travels in Russia I

I found this "vignette" in a store just beyond the security check-in at the Domodedovo Airport. There were many other fine stores lining this corridor, but this one struck me as something you display specifically for a foreign tourist - look how mighty Mother Russia is! Oddly enough, all the gates through this security check point led to internal flights to Siberia and such. Which basically means there are enough rich Russians who might buy this crap.

I originally thought this was just a display, but there is a price list that reads:

Rug “Bear” 250,000 (roughly $8,333)
Rug “Wolf” 90,000 (roughly $3,000)
Hat “Winter” 40,000 (roughly $1,333)


Jessica said...

Are those the duty free prices?



LK said...

Curious how the hat doesn't warrant animal specificity — apparently any wintry animal mix will do, eh?