Thursday, January 3, 2013

A pic a day

I am going to try to do 365 days of photos.  I think it's a fantastic way to chronicle your year, and it appeals to my OCD self.  I don't want to start a tumblr or flickr or a Facebook album or anything else for this - I like the look of this blog, and I feel loyal to it, even if I abandon it for two years at a time.

The rules: a picture that I take that day OR a picture that I have/scan from the past which holds some significance.

Since it's Jan 3, here're the last 3 days:

Jan 3 - this was two weeks ago, but I can't forgo the sweater.  Not only did I embellish this sucker, I won an Ugly Sweater prize with it!

Jan 2 - my new bathtub in my new place - can't wait to take a bath after a long cold day!

Jan 1 - got to love the Beebz!

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