Sunday, April 20, 2008

Foodies of my mind, unite...

I've been trying to go to the local Russian store more often, as they carry the most interesting foods sometimes. Behold, a full meal that would not be out of place in Tomsk:

We have: toasted
matnakash (which I always call "lavash" because that's what we called it in Siberia when we were little, even though true lavash is totally different, and is more like a tortilla.)

With that we have some cold cuts of ham and salami (the Russian store has nearly 20 varieties of sausages and as many types of ham), topped with some awesome Armenian
brynza (it's sort of a feta cheeze, but not to be confused with Slovak bryndza from the Wiki article) - just the right degree of salty.

On the side there is a Russian version of
sauerkraut (which was too fresh, and inspired me to make some of my own - proper pickled cabbage needs to be more limp and, well, pickly) and my favourite salad of all times - Olivier

Ahh, and that green drink the colour of a chemistry experiment? That would be my favourite soda,
Tarhun. The green is, of course, food colouring, but the drink IS actually flavoured with tarragon.

I have to admit that the meal as a whole would be incomplete by strict Russian standards, as it consists only of
zakuski without the requisite first course (soup), hot course (meat or fish) or dessert (well, we had dessert, I just didn't take any pictures of it.)

In fact, the meal as it was laid out would have been perfect accompaniment to a bottle of vodka, as tradition dictates. Too bad I don't drink vodka (I know, what a bad Russian) and can't justify a full holiday meal on a Thursday:)

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Anna said...

Oh, man, jealous over here. Though I do make Olivier pretty often... I should make some more. How do you do the kvashenaya kapusta? That's one of my faves that I haven't actually ever made myself.