Thursday, May 29, 2008

I hate Blogger...and NBC...and my slumlord...

Did I leave anyone out???

I hate Blogger...because one wrong keystroke publishes an entry that was in no way complete...yet the only way to take it down is to delete it completely, without the ability to save the post - does that make sense to you? I didn't think so.

I hate NBC because they took all NBC-related programming from iTunes last year, thereby rendering me unable to watch Top Chef or Project Runway (yes, Bravo is owned by NBC.) No, I don't have cable. No, I don't mind paying $2 per episode of TV. Yes, I was watching this season on YouTube, until NBC went and policed that this week, ending my knowledge of current Top Chef competition at Episode 11.

One of the main points of contention between NBC and Apple was the per-episode price of $1.99, which NBC reportedly found to be too low. That same programming is now available on Amazon Unbox for $1.89. Go figure. Of course, it is only available if you are on a PC running Vista, or have a TiVo or some weird personal video payer. Those of us with pretty Apples are just s**t out of luck, I guess.

Question - if you have TiVo, chances are you have full cable. Why on earth would you want to download a cable program onto your TiVo from the Internet? Boggles the mind.

I hate my landlord because they haven't upgraded the electrical service in the building since, oh, NEVER! The building was constructed circa 1920, and the ENTIRE apartment is on the same circuit. So if you are using the microwave and pretty much anything else, you trip the breaker. And the switch is in the basement. I live on the 5th floor. Good times!!!

Now onto what I originally wanted to post:

Another craft project, a table runner made from fabric sample squares, given away by recycling interior designers. This is the second step towards changing the decor of the apartment to a blue-grey scheme from a black-and-white scheme (the first step was painting the living room greying blue...)

Since I had boundless energy this morning (or so it seemed then...) I also made another shirt:

from these sad castoffs:

I fashioned something a bit more elegant:

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